Antique sword experts

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I would like to recieve a weekly notification of new items for sale from our supporters. Lost your password? Please enter your email address. You will receive a link to create a new password. This is an exciting and comprehensive site to help identify antique swords and is designed to hold a vast library of information of use to the antique sword collector.

We wish to promote the study of antique swords. The site is designed to help collectors identify swords in their collections. It is the largest online resource of its type on the Internet and has been successfully assisting collectors identify swords for nearly 10 years. We have approx 55, images of over 6, swords. Facebook logon succesful. Back to log-in. Browse Our Collections View items for sale. The site has some very useful tools including amongst others Gallery - A gallery of official national patterns.

Makers - Details of thousands of makers and retailers. Including a method to identify a company from a partial name or address. Featured Antique Swords This facility has been designed to aid in the identification of items in your collection. Nation : British Arm :? Model :. Nation : Dutch Arm : Infantry Model : Nation : Dutch Arm : Artillery Model : Nation : French Arm : Navy Model : Nation : British Arm : Infantry Model : Featured Book Know more.

Edged weapons, in one form or another, have been the primary arm for the past millennium and even today, in the age of weapons of mass destruction, the sword is still a symbol of honour and tradition.

It is still sometimes carried by officers of every major country in the world. This site mainly focuses on the period from - covering swords from such conflicts as :.Email us at Mail HistoricalArms. Winning many awards for his displays of fine Arms and Artifacts at the top Antique Arms shows across the United States, his clients include a premier list of individual collectors as well as several Historical Institutions.

He is a past or current member of most every major organization devoted to Antique Arms and Artifact Collecting to include the C. As such, I am more interested in acquiring new customers who share these interests than in making a sale. For these reasons, I try to make certain that every customer be they buyer or seller be dealt with fairly and with complete satisfaction in every transaction". We are always looking to buy. No single item nor collection is too big or too small for our purchase consideration.

Home Page. We appraise, identify, authenticate, buy and sell Historical Weapons and Artifacts. Michael Simens is a Nationally recognized authority and resource for Antique Colts, Civil War and other firearms, swords, weapons and related artifacts. NOTE: The items on this website are antique collectibles manufactured prior to and are considered "obsolete" and "antiques" by the United States Government.

Please refer to our "Terms and Conditions" page for further information. Colt Firearms. Kentucky Rifles, Powder Horns, Tomahawks for sale. Henry Rifles. Historical Arms and Artifacts Museum. Guns, Swords, Weapons. Appraisals of Antique Guns and Artifacts, Authentication.Collecting antique swords is a popular, worldwide hobby and a good investment; the value of swords grows at an average of 20 percent each year.

New collectors should, however, build a solid foundation of knowledge about antique swords before they start their collection. The sword is rich in history and was the weapon of choice in Europe, African continents and Asia for centuries, long before it was popular in America. Sword manufacturing dates back to BC, when copper mining began in ancient Egypt and Anatola Turkey. The vast number of swords, types and styles manufactured by ancient civilizations through the 19th Century makes it impossible to identify all, but below are some of the primary swords used during that time period.

This was one of the highest prices paid for any sword on the market. Information about is available about prominent sword smiths and manufacturing plants between the eighth and fourteenth Centuries is limited.

However, the highest ranking European sword makers and plants that were in high demand were Germany and Italy.

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Prominent sword makers most likely left hallmarks or signatures on their work. Marks will vary from maker to maker. No specific bladesmiths were found, just manufacturers in two sections of Germany. Blades were incised with a wolf running, which signified a superior blade. There are two parts of a sword, the blade and the hilt. The hilt is the upper part of the sword attached to the blade.

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The sword evolved through the centuries; parts were added and developments made to improve handling, sharpness, length of the blade, and embellishments to signify military rank, social class and country of origin. Ancient sword blades were single or double-edged, and purposed for three uses: To cut, thrust, or cut and thrust.

Parts of the blade include:.

antique sword experts

Dealers and experts who classify or describe swords have diverse opinions. The evolution of ancient swords is so complex it can be mind-boggling to the new collector.

Weapons originally made as cutting swords may have changed to a cutting and thrusting sword in another era or country. Experts can look at a sword and know the time period from which it came, but mistakes are still made by the most knowledgeable.

Ewart Oakeshott, renowned Medieval sword historian, wrote a brilliant typology that is used as a classification guide by most appraisers.

Swords & Edged Weapons Valuations

The Katana Japanese Samurai Sword made in AD, is the most sought and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars on the market; it can't compare to any other sword in history. The curved blade averaged about three to four feet long and the hilt size ranged from eight to twelve inches.

antique sword experts

The blade was made from hundreds of thin layers of the purest steel, with no imperfections. The Katana's blade is the sharpest of blades, with a balance of perfection.

Numerous Katanas were brought to the U. Bill Blake, sword maker and owner of Sword-Siteshared a historical perspective regarding the value of antique swords. Blake says that in regards to their demand, "European swords were sophisticated both in terms of the physics they employed, and also their metallurgy - and that is coming to be appreciated.

Swords can be very expensive. Blake noted that almost all European Swords were destroyed or cast into the sea at the demise of its master, which makes any find rare and costly. Blake opined that the overall price for European swords is more reasonable than Japanese and Chinese pieces and a far greater variety in type and design.

The easiest and most available sword to collect are 19th and 20th Century military swords; they are affordable, easy to identify, forgeries are few, and most are in good condition. The best advice for you as a new collector is to learn as much as possible about the kind of sword for which you are interested; go to auctions and dealers, handle the swords, talk to vendors and collectors. Once you acquire knowledge, you'll be ready to begin your crusade into the world of sword-collecting.Ground Shipping on all U.

Our unique inventory of spans all types edged weapons and antique swords for sale. From Japanese swords to German daggers to Modern production knives, we have something for everyone. Our entire edged weapon inventory is constantly and carefully grown and curated, so please check back frequently for new items.

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If you have any questions regarding any of the pieces featured here on the website, or would like to learn more about our edged weapons and antique swords for sale in our store, please call our knowledgeable staff at or send us an email at info collectorsfirearms. An unusual maker.

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Blade is very good plus. No rust, no damage. Hilt is very good with no chips or cracks. A beautiful knife. Direware Flipper K Double edge, spike grind, mirror polish blade, two-tone stainless steel chassis with ringed blue Titanium hardware. Marfione Ultratech Auto nK New. Marfione Ultratech Auto. Double edge blue mosaic Damascus blade, hefted anodized alloy with bronze ringed blue Titanium hardware.

antique sword experts

Double edge spike grind, Vegas Forge ladder pattern Damascus blade, anodized hefted alloy handle with copper ringed hardware. Bronzed two-tone DLC apocalyptic blade, purple anodized alloy with stingray skin inlay and DLC two-tone bronzed satin finish hardware.

Two-tone stonewash blade, anodized alloy handle with stingray skin inlay, satin hardware and blue Titanium accent. Mirror polish blade, anodized hefted alloy handle with blue ringed Titanium hardware. Mirror polish blade, anodized hefted alloy with blue ringed Titanium hardware.

Jimmy Lile Model K Jimmy Lile Model This knife is in excellent condition. Very interesting knife. This is an uncatalogued model and possibly one of a kind. Very Early Jimmy Lile K Very Early Jimmy Lile. This is an uncatalogued knife, possibly a one of a kind that most closely resembles Toll Free: E-mail: Contact Us. Please wait Call us on.Bring it to Dr. The study of swords is called Spathology. Spathology, in the world of antiques, is very popular and lucrative.

Many people study the type, origin, and condition of swords, daggers, edged weapons, etc. Collectors enjoy knowing about antique swords in terms of their relationship to military history and pageantry.

Edged Weapons

Learning about the use of a certain sword will help you know its value and origin. You need to know if your sword was used by the military or by civilians. First things first, there are two main parts of a sword: the blade and the hilt. Everyone knows what and where the blade is on a sword.

Blades have basic parts like the point at the endedge, and fuller. A fuller is an indentation or groove that runs partial or the entire length of the blade. A sword may have a single or a double fuller depending on its type. In addition to the blade, swords also have something called a hilt. The hilt is the area of the sword where your hand rests and grips the sword.

Parts of the hilt include the pommel at the very end of the swordcross guard protects the handand grip area where the hand grips the sword beneath the cross guard. Some common swords are the straight backsword military sword with a rigid blade and basket hilt or broadsword military sword with a double edged blade and basket hiltand the curved saber or bastard sword long, curved single edged blade used when riding a horse.

When you are trying to assess the quality of a sword, remember that a sword was first and foremost a fighting weapon. It had to get the job done in battle. There are as many reproductions and fake swords as there are sword types.

From rapier swords to daggers, fakes are commonplace and some are very difficult to spot. If you are testing a sword for durability or quality, never bend the blade.Antique military swords can be found in every corner of the globe — and each one tells a unique story of courage and gallantry. Produced for conflicts for thousands of years, original ornate edged weapons are often in high demand because of their varying designs, importance and rarity.

Asian swords, especially those of Japanese origin, are much sought after by collectors. As well as being a popular worldwide hobby, collecting antique swords can also be a shrewd investment.

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If you need an accurate sword valuation that you can trust, enlist the help of our respected experts. We understand that you may have inherited a family heirloom or might be unsure whether an item is genuine or of value. If this sounds familiar, getting an antique sword appraisal is definitely a sensible option. Arrange your antique military swords valuation, get in touch or call today! Likewise, any details which are known about the recipient can also help to increase value because buyers can often be inspired by the bravery behind these antique edged weapons.

Even if your edged weapon is not listed above, we can still provide a valuation — please get in touch for details. Get our experts on your side, email the swords valuations team now! You will not be under any obligation to sell your sword after getting a valuation.

But we can help you realise its true worth at auction or via a Private Treaty sale. Please email or call to arrange your free sword valuation. At these events you can meet with our representative, lodge your edged weapons for appraisal or discuss the prospect of selling at auction or by private treaty sale. Visit our local roadshows page to see when we are next in your area. Callers are welcome to visit our Warwick office during normal working hours — from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday — to request a sword valuation or to have any military collectables assessed.

If required, we can arrange to transport items to our offices by courier service so that you can take advantage of our professional expertise. Our Chester accounts office will also be pleased to accept your property for transportation to our Warwick valuation department. Owners of large or valuable sword collections can request for a home visit where we can discuss sale procedures. We do not charge for this service.

If you need a fast and accurate antique military swords valuation you can trust, our expert valuer Paul Murray is a leading UK militaria specialist — boasting an in-depth knowledge of British and foreign campaigns.

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Discover what your edged weapons are really worth, send us an email or call now! Which edged weapons are worth the most? Ultimately, a swords value depends on what someone is prepared to pay for it. Written valuations for probate and insurance purposes are available upon request. In person at one of our offices Callers are welcome to visit our Warwick office during normal working hours — from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday — to request a sword valuation or to have any military collectables assessed.

Home Visits Owners of large or valuable sword collections can request for a home visit where we can discuss sale procedures. Contact our military swords valuations team If you need a fast and accurate antique military swords valuation you can trust, our expert valuer Paul Murray is a leading UK militaria specialist — boasting an in-depth knowledge of British and foreign campaigns.Serious collectors always turn their attention to acquiring rare swords, weapons of the past that are rich in stories of warfare and filled with extraordinary tales of heroism.

These antique swords not only give us a chance to behold the artifacts of the past, but also a lens through which we can revisit the olden times.

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Rare swords are judged according to two qualifications: their scarcity and prestige attached onto them. Rare swords are also judged according to how prestigious they were in the time they were produced.

It is exactly this reason why the swords of kings and national heroes like El Cid of Spain are more coveted than, say, ordinary French officer sword. It is also exactly this reason why the 13th century swords forged by Goro Nyudo Masamune, the greatest of all ancient smiths of Japan, are more expensive than antique Polish army sword made by anonymous sword-makers.

The rarest sword was found in Northumberland, England. Experts have traced its origins to 7th century, a pre-Viking era, a time when Anglo-Saxons had kingdoms in northern England.

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It was found to contain six carbonized iron strands, a characteristic that was hardest to forge in its time. Most of the swords belonging to the same period have had only four strands.

The 13th century precious swords made by Japanese sword smith Go Yoshihiro are considered the rarest in Japanese tradition. Go Yoshihiro was regarded to be the best student of the great sword-maker Masamune. Yoshihiro died young, at the age of thirty, and so he produced only very few blades.

His prodigious talent in sword-making and his very short life made all his blades to be prized very highly. The most expensive sword ever sold to an auction, and considered one of the rarest swords in Europe, was an ancient Arab sword that once belonged to Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. He reportedly carried it when he went on to war in Italy in It is now considered a national treasure of France. Called a Baoteng saber, it is considered the most expensive sword among ancient imperial Chinese bladed arms.

He was also an aggressive collector, flying to different parts of the world just to get a good deal. His entire collection included very rare katana swords, sword accessories, and antique scabbards.

First of all, a rare antique sword becomes famous for its perfect forging and condition. Archeologists found it buried for over 2, years in an underground water system together with the tomb of the King. The Sword of Goujian is now considered a priceless antique sword and a national treasure of China.