Mercruiser drive oil reservoir empty

26.02.2021 By Gakus

By ToddavidOctober 3, in Boat Talk. The drive oil reservoir is a tad below the ADD line on my new to me Sunesta with 5. Since the lower drive looks to have been replaced recently, I am going to assume it was not topped off correctly when fluid was refilled at the drive. Rather that drain the whole system, I'd like to just top off for now. You have the Merc High Performance lube. Most dealers don't even carry the "premium" lube as it is only used in Alpha drives, and is the cheap stuff.

The HP lube has the cone clutch additive package and can be used in both Alpha's and Bravo's. Sometimes when the outdrive fluid is changed an air-bubble fines its way in there.

HOW TO: change the gear lube in your Mercruiser BRAVO THREE stern drive

Mine get changed every fall then in the spring after an hour of use, I check the level. Sometimes I need to add some sometimes not. Yea, the 15w is perfect. I have the same problem with my one of my Bravo 3's outdrive. It will drop down from the full line to the add line after about 8 hours of running. My boat guy said it's because of the dual props.

mercruiser drive oil reservoir empty

And that the seal between the first prop and second prop is getting worn. He said that it won't leak when your boat is just sitting there, but when you are running the second prop will creat a vacuum and that it's actually sucking the oil out from the seal.

He doesn't recommend changing it yet unless its really getting sucked out or if it starts leaking while it's just sitting there. Hey Wingnut, where are you finding non-nutso priced 2. Gander Mtn is sold out. Be an informed "Girl" and you will be in charge.

Your power package takes trim oil, engine oil, power steering oil, and out drive gear oil. Three different products. The drive gets Mercriuser High Performance gear oil.

The trim pump and power steering get Merc trim and steering fluid, and the engine gets the Marine engine oil as specified, depending on engine. If you send me a pm with a valid e-mail address, I'll send you the comprehensive factory manuals for your engine and drive.

mercruiser drive oil reservoir empty

Be sure to include make, model, and HP of engine. Probably told you the front prop pushes the oil water mix back into the drive past the seals too. My ssi had alsrm horns on when i started up. First time ever. Label says low oil or drive oil.

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Oil checks oksy but drive oil tank is dry. Filled it to proper line, but alarm still sounds. Do i need to run engine for a few minutes to get it to go off. Ran motor 1 min and shut it down.

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New to this boat owning and loving it but still very naive but learning Had it fully serviced and spent quite a lot a couple of months ago.

Out yesterday and engine alarm went off. No idea initially never got an owners manual with it! So here's the question. After 2 months and maybe 30 hours, should it have run down that much? Do I need to top it up constantly or is it symptomatic of a bigger ie more pound notes! Appreciate any advice from the oracle that is YBW.

Not unususal to drop off a little after a service, but if it goes on needing a top off then something is amiss. Now you have refilled keep an eye on it and see what happens.

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Its normal that after changing the oil in the outdrive, the monitor bottle level can drop as air pockets work their way out. The problem arises if it keeps dropping, so I would just keep an eye on it. VicS Well-known member. Boat: Chichester. Joined 25 Mar Messages 1, Location At work!! Bathdave said:.Last Updated: July 5, References. To create this article, 15 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewedtimes. Learn more Properly maintain your Mercruiser sterndrive.

Change the lube every year or sooner if you suspect a problem. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker.

Any advice on gear oil on a mercruiser

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mercruiser drive oil reservoir empty

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Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Determine what model drive you have. Buy a little hand pump that fits the bottle of lube to fill the drive. Place a clean oil drain pan under the drive to catch the old lube as it drains out of the bottom of the drive. Remove the top oil vent plug. Let the unit completely drain. If your drive has an internal drive lube monitor bottle in the boat, remove the bottle from its bracket and pour out the old lube.

Look in the bottom of the bottle. If you see residue in the bottom of the bottle it should be removed and rinsed out with carb cleaner or Power Tune. Make sure the bottle is clean and dry. If the old lube looks and smells bad it could be an indication of a problem. Inspect the gear lube for evidence of metal particles or water intrusion.

If the lube looks bad and you suspect a problem, FIX the problem before placing the drive back into service. If the lube was simply old and smelly it is a good idea to flush the drive one time with new clean lube.Quick Links. See also: Owner's ManualUser Manual. Declaration of Conformance — Mercury MerCruiser. This sterndrive or inboard engine when installed in accordance to Mercury.

MerCruisers' instructions complies with the requirements of the following directives. Openings in Hull, Deck and superstructure A.

Mercury MerCruiser declares that our sterndrive or inboard engines without integral. This engine must not be put into service until the recreational craft. The notified body responsible for surveillance of the quality system under Full Quality Assurance. Table of Contents. Engine Mercury MerCruiser D2. Patrick C. Mercury Product Protection logo is a registered service mark of Brunswick Corporation.

Page 3: Read This Manual Thoroughly We suggest that this manual remain with the product for ready reference whenever you are on the water. Thank you for purchasing one of our Mercury MerCruiser products. We sincerely hope your boating will be pleasant! Page 4 WARNING The operator driver is responsible for the correct and safe operation of the boat, the equipment aboard and the safety of all occupants aboard.

We strongly recommend that the operator read this Operation, Maintenance and Warranty Manual and thoroughly understand the operational instructions for the power package and all related accessories before the boat is used. Page 8 Page iv MAY Page Transfer Of Warranty 1. Your dealer can also process this change of information.

Page 12 If purchaser cannot deliver the product to such a dealer, written notice must be given to Mercury. We will then arrange for the inspection and any covered repair. Page Year Limited Warranty Against Corrosion Worldwide If purchaser cannot deliver the product to such a dealer, written notice must be given to Mercury.

Page Warranty Coverage And Exclusions COVERAGE: Warranty coverage is available only to retail customers that purchase from a Dealer authorized by Mercury Marine to distribute the product in the country in which the sale occurred, and then only after the Mercury Marine specified pre-delivery inspection process is completed and documented.

Page General Exclusions From Warranty 8. Use of other than Mercury Precision or Quicksilver parts when making warranty repairs. Oils, lubricants or fluids changed as a matter of normal maintenance is customer's responsibility unless loss or contamination of same is caused by product failure that would be eligible for warranty consideration. Page 17 Section 1 - Warranty Use of fuels and lubricants which are not suitable for use with or on the product.By yogiMay 18, in Boat Talk.

The boat is 3 yrs old. No problems to report so far. But I keep having to add gear lube. The gear lube goes down I change the gear lube during Winterization and I pump it from the bottom with a manual pump. Should I be concerned? I do not see any leaks and following the gear lube change, there were no signs of any. And there never are, really, I keep watching the outdrive and cannot spot anything.

I also do not see any leaks in the engine compartment. I open the engine hatch a lot, so I am not concerned about the risk of running low I'd get more than enough warningbut I wonder because I've heard there should be no gear lube loss AT ALL! Does not sound normal to me, but wait for Wingnut to chime in.

How much are you losing and how much are you having to add? Is there water in the gear oil is it milky or clean? If not, than you probably just have air bubbles. I hope so. No milky fluid and it was not milky last Fall when I drained it. Looked nice and green deep green. I am hoping those are just bubbles, but all season long? I might expect a little drop in level after filling as you note, but once it stablizes after a short time, I wouldn't expect any change.

You might raise the out drive slightly in the water in a quite cove and sit and observe for any oil droplets or film behind you boat.

Bottle Assy Oil Drive, Mercury - Mercruiser 8M0075709

I had a similar issue last year on one of my Alpha one drives. I dropped the bottom end of the drive and could see a little residue around the impeller housing that it appeared to be leaking around the shaft.

This one is hard to trouble shoot because the gear oil leaks around the shaft and then into the impeller housing where it mixes with the water, goes through the engine and out the exhaust. Since it is such a small leak, you will almost never find it. It will also not turn the oil milky since the bottom end is pressurized from the head of oil. Mine was never milky either and I could never see anything on the outside.

Great points Scott but his Bravo out drive has a external water pump off of his serpentine or fan belt system so not quite the same. I know there's several o rings that could leak as well as several seals too.


I have owned Mercs for years and know of many others with both types of drives and they all loose gear oil. Don't know why even had them pressure tested.Mercruiser Sterndrive Information. Mercruiser Parts. Mercruiser Help. Mercruiser Manuals. Mercruiser Tools. Mercruiser Sterndrives. If possible, run the engine on the hose until the drive warms up a little. Lower the drive into the down position.

Place an oil drain pan under the drive. Use your large slotted screw driver and remove the lower plug see image below. You will notice that oil will drain very slowly. Use your large slotted screwdriver and remove the side vent plug from the side of the upper driveshaft housing. Once the Vent Screw is removed the oil will drain much faster. Let the lube drain out for a good 15 to 20 minutes.

While the lube is draining, take note of how it looks and smells. There should be NO evidence of water in the lube. Water will show up as white streaks in the lube. Any water at all is not acceptable and if you have water immediate action must be taken to save the drive. Water will rust the bearings, races, gears and shafts and it will ruin the drive in just a short time.

If you have found water in the lube, or if you suspect the drives seals are leaking, you should pressure test the drive while it is empty. Never pressure test a drive while it's full of oil. If the drive lube has a blackish appearance, it has been much too long since last changed.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media.

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New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Empty drive oil reservoir!!! Thread starter laxray Start date Mar 28, Joined Jul 11, Messages After having my prop stop spinning we pulled the couch out of our Celebritystern drive is 4.

I managed to remount it in the proper clip but it was dry or at least fairly dry. I have since pulled the boat out to deal with the fried stern drive. My question is where does this oil flow to? I was thinking it somehow makes its way down to the stern drive but I'm not sure how?

Oil change on mercruiser outdrive

My understanding is the there should be no oil in the bevels, not sure if there is some other place it makes it's way down. Any suggestions would be great.

mercruiser drive oil reservoir empty

I have a huge support staff of retired mechanics and machinist, even the local boat store to sound off of. Bt Doctur Supreme Mariner. Joined Aug 29, Messages 17,